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The Latest Development Trend of LED Bead Industry in 2018

Release Time:2018/09/13    Source:This site    Views:

I. Deepening of Product Technology and Diversification of Products

The technical foundation and level of China's LED bulb industry should be said to be quite advanced, and the main products and key technologies can be consistent with the advanced level of the international industry. With the continuous improvement of LED display technology and performance, and the rapid development of electronic technology, this has brought a good foundation for the technical deepening and improvement of LED bead products. At the same time, LED beads have been widely used in various fields of social life (LED beads are widely used in lighting, large screen display, traffic lights, decoration, computers, electronic toys, gifts, switches, telephones, advertisements, city glory engineering and many other production fields). Therefore, the development prospect of LED beads market is optimistic. Deepening technological connotation, enriching product system, diversifying products and highlighting the advantages of leading products will be the important trend of the development of LED bead industry.

II. Standardization of Conventional Products and Specialization of Application Products in Specific Areas

The publicity, implementation and promotion of relevant standards will promote the standardization development of LED bulb products. In conventional LED bead products, standardized display devices and control systems will be more widely used, integrated LED bead products will occupy a major position in the industry, and the specialized division of labor in the production and market technical services of standardized LED bead products will be more obvious.
With the development of technology and market, China's post LED bead industry will gradually improve in the adjustment and have a reasonable division of labor, forming a new industrial structure.